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    Pallet Forks for Tractor and/or Skid Steer Loader Buckets
    Pallet forks for tractor or skid steer loader buckets can be an incredibly useful tool

    1. Pallet Fork Mounting
    2. Quick Attach Clamp Features
    3. Other Things to Consider when Selecting Pallet Forks
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    Pallet forks for tractor or skid steer loader bucket can be an incredibly useful tool. While many skid steer loaders have a "Universal Quick Attach System", which allows the owner/operator to quickly change or swap out the loader bucket forks to pallet forks, most tractors do not.

    Even if your skid steer or tractor has the quick attach system, the pallet forks by themselves can be very expensive, especially if you only need to use them on occasion. But when you need bucket forks, you simply need them.

    Pallet Fork Mounting

    If you find yourself in a position where you need a set of tractor forks on your tractor or skid steer loader and you do not have or do not wish to purchase the universal quick attach system, you do have other options. Two of these options allow you to attach the pallet forks directly to your tractor or skid steer loader bucket. One type of quick attach is the chain/binder system where you slide the pallet forks on the bottom edge of the bucket, then wrap two chains around the bucket, securing them with binders, which hold the forks onto the bucket.

    The other way is a universal quick attach clamp on system which is much easier and quicker than the chain/binder system.

    Quick Attach Clamp Features

    When researching, comparing or purchasing a set of universal quick attach clamp on bucket forks or other quick attach clamp on products there are several features you want to make sure they have.

    1. Make sure your quick attach clamp on pallet forks have a "C-Clamp Pad" type design available. Getting the largest c-clamp pad possible which would be on the bottom or the base of the handle that screws down onto the top of your bucket, guarantees a more secure fit and doesn't harm your bucket. Some manufacturers of clamp on forks and job shops do not even have a pad or have a small non swiveling pad which does not create a secure fit and in some cases will damage the bucket.
    2. pallet fork clamp

      Example of a sliding T handle with a swivel pad. This is a good design.

      pallet fork clamp

      Example of old style handle. No sliding T handle, No swivel pad to protect your bucket. This design will damage your bucket. Overall bad design.

      pallet fork clamp

      Example of damage done without swivel pad. Imagine the damage it will do to your bucket.

    3. Sliding T Handle. Make sure the clamp on pallet forks have a sliding T handle design, or other type of handle that allows you to securely tighten the clamp on to your bucket and allows you to get close to the sides of your bucket. Some clamp on pallet forks and product only have a welded on handle which will not allow you to securely tighten or move it close to the sides of your bucket.
    4. pallet fork clamp

    5. Solid Tips. Make sure your clamp on pallet forks have a solid tip design that is flat on the bottom is the best. Any other type will rust or crush and makes it difficult to pick items up.
    6. pallet fork clamp

    7. Easily replaceable handles and pads.
    8. Stabilizing Pad on the back of the forks must touch the bottom of the bucket for a secure fit.
    9. pallet fork clamp

    10. Make sure you have the ability to add a Stabilizer Bar, which stabilizes the forks from turning or moving.
    11. pallet fork stabilizer

    12. Reinforcements inside and out.
    13. Cutting Edge Bar Stop that wedges on top of the bucket edge.
    14. pallet fork clamp

      2x4 Back Stop Slot

      pallet fork clamp

    15. Top Reinforcement Bar.
    16. pallet fork clamp

    Other Things to Consider when Selecting Pallet Forks
    Other things to look for and to definitely consider when selecting pallet forks, are:
    • Look for the longest possible working length. It is the area that is in front of the bucket. Also know as the usable area.
    • Make sure you match the "Lifting Capacity" with the lifting capacity of your tractor of skid steer loader bucket. Too little, and the pallet forks could bend. Too much and it's a waste. Only get what you need.
    • Never try to over lift with your loader or the bucket fork.
    • Powder coating is always preferable to plain painting.
    • Remember, price isn't everything. Keep in mind, the wise old sayings, "You get what you pay for." And "If it's sounds too good to be true, it probably is." Buy them for a Lifetime!
    • Look for a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee and a Lifetime Warranty.
    • And look for a company that has more than one product to offer.
    • Always look for memberships in the U.S. Farm Equipment Manufacturers Association (FEMA) and membership in the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
    • Look for new products. It means the manufacturer is always continuously improving their products.
    • Always ask for Safety Instructions and a User's Manual. If these are not available, don't buy the pallet forks. Don't even consider them!

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